Gardens with Soul.

What We Do


Landscape Design


Our designs are inspired

by the world’s most beautiful gardens...

from France and Italy,

to Morocco and Bali,

to Japan and the

American West.



Our made-to-measure

pergolas bring

outdoor comfort


add value

to your home.



Our materials

are selected to

elevate and distinguish

your green spaces.


Let us provide

all-in landscaping

and planting solutions

for your event,

giving it a

stunning green decor.

Our Projects


Who We Are

JMC portrait.jpg

The Garden Studio was established in 2013 by Jean-Marc Créau, a French landscape designer, with a mission to create gorgeous, thriving gardens despite the Gulf’s sometimes severe climate conditions.

Since then, the company has grown apace with the region, and has designed and executed gardens both public and private.  But the objective hasn’t changed: Infuse outdoor spaces with stunning natural beauty steeped in the world’s most beautiful garden traditions.

"My mission is to bring to the Gulf

the world’s most beautiful garden traditions:

France, Italy, Morocco, Bali, and Japan."